Our passion is for creating richly textured and layered home gardens. Gardens that are beautiful to be in, designed around the personal needs and desires of the owner, and that provide a space for birds and insects and small wildlife to thrive. We are proud of our diverse indigenous plant heritage and love working with local plants. We have clients all over Cape Town (and further afield).

Owner of Plantwize, Sam Huckle

“My love for plants started way back hiking the fynbos mountains and 5 day trails, immersed in Nature, and spending time camping. Nature is a powerful place to hang out, a great adventure; and a Garden, is an opportunity to┬ábring together the wild elements of Nature, with a personal sense of aesthetic, and combine those into a unique and 3-dimensional landscape expression.”

We are on an Epic Adventure!

to create Gardens that are lush, thriving, rich, dynamic and

Organic !