We love Nature

And we love connecting You to nature, through the landscape that is your garden.

What is Naturescaping?

There are 2 ways to landscape:

the first one is to create a design of your choosing on paper and then impose that onto your garden landscape;

the second is to enter into a dialogue with your garden space as it currently exists, along with the nature (flora and fauna) that are already there.

This second approach leads to considering what original habitat your land would have been a part of? It leads to wondering what authentic landscape would like to express itself here and now? It leads to a deep and strong connection with the land, with the elements, the earth, and the trees that may already have been living there for a long time..

The second way is a process. It is also a co-creation. It is about more than what the land owner alone wants, it’s about what Nature would like too!

This second way of landscaping is our way of landscaping and we call it Naturescaping. Our job is to mediate and consider all the  stakeholders of your garden, human and non, and weave all the desires and expressions and preferences into a landscape that can be harmoniously co-created together.

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