Nature Therapy

Tapping into the healing power of Nature

Outer nature, inner nature, animal nature, our Earth mother…. Life on earth exists within a relatively thin biosphere, a global life-supporting ecosystem. We could not exist without this ecosystem all around us, without Nature. Our wellbeing is dependent on and deeply connected to the wellbeing of our natural environment. As more and more people move from rural areas to live in the cities, away from daily immersion in Nature, daily connection to Nature, transitioning to stressful 8 til late jobs in an office on the 7th floor of a high-rise building, or factory or call-center shift-work, our energy, life-force, mental and physical health begin to suffer. Nature therapy, also called ecotherapy, is the practice of being and doing in Nature for the purpose of healing and health.

Known by many names including horticultural therapy, green therapy, therapeutic farming, wilderness therapy, Forest Bathing and more, Nature therapy also includes animal assisted forms of intervention. Being in a green space has been linked to lowered levels of anxiety, fewer depression symptoms, lower stress levels, relaxation and clearer thinking……… deeper breathing, cleaner air, physical exercise, sunshine and vitamin D…… the list goes on and on!

If you’re feeling out of balance, disconnected, challenged, then some guided and facilitated time in Nature may be the powerful and pure medicine that you are needing.

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